The Original
View the original chair at the MOMA website. Made in 1938, originating from Argentina designed by Antonio Bonet, Juan Kurchan and George Ferrari-Hardroy (aka BKF). 2 of the original chairs produced were bought for FallingWater house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright the third went to MOMA.
Style wise, we need not say more...

The Covers
Designed to fit original style BKF butterfly chairs approximate size:
top corner to top corner 78cm
bottom corner to bottom corner 73cm
top corner to bottom corner 82cm. 
If your chair differs in size, let us know the difference in these measurements and we'll make one up for you.

The Canvas
The covers are made using our very special stash of vintage (new old) 12oz canvas. The designs (and indeed the canvas) are from the 1960's to the 1980's made mainly by Australian company Brella (sadly now defunct). The canvas was originally made for outdoor window awnings and have a plain green colour on the rear side.
We use Australian made UV protected binding and thread.

The Makers
BKF Butterfly chair covers are made in Castlemaine, Victoria Australia by Walking Foot Sewing. We also manufacture a range of cycling bags and accessories under the brand Ron D Swan.